managing sensory overload in december

There is a lot of sensory overwhelm during the month of December as children are surrounded by decorations, parties and changes to normal routines. Add in the cold, dark days and tiredness, it is no wonder our children can get overwhelmed!

There are a lot of useful suggestions in this excellent guide from Sensory Integration Education – Christmas Sensory Survival Kit.

If you do not celebrate Christmas, the strategies are easily adapted to other situations with lots of sensory overwhelm.


Neurodiversity Film

Throughout this year the pupils at Sciennes have shared their views about how they manage the school environment, the things that they find tricky and the things that help them to cope. We are very grateful to all the pupils who worked to make this film.

We hope that by watching it you get an insight into just how hard our young people work to navigate their way through each day – not just in school, but in our homes, in our clubs, on our football pitches.

There are many things we can do as adults and as children that can help someone else to feel understood, feel that they belong and just generally make their day a better one.

The next time you see a child displaying a behaviour that involves ‘running off, kicking off or switching off’, remember this is the sign that they cannot manage to process any more. Consider what you can do differently to reduce their load. Changing how you say something, adapting the environment or doing something differently could make a big difference to the child’s ability to manage.

Watch our film here: Neurodiversity Film

Why do we need to talk about diversity and inclusion?

All week we will be adding clips from staff, parents and pupils on the topics of diversity and inclusion. These issues affect us all. Visit us each day to hear what we have to say.

Want to have your say? Contact We’d love to hear from you.

Here are our first two mini clips to kick off our conversation:

Film 1

Film 2

Tune in again tomorrow to see and hear the next 3 films in our mini series. This will include the film on neurodiversity made with our wonderful Sciennes pupils.

Meet the SFL Department

At the beginning of each year, there is an opportunity to meet the teacher for your child’s class. This year that will look a bit different and our colleagues will be introducing themselves to you shortly.

We thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce the support for learning department to all the parents in school too.

Please find our introductory presentation here:

CALL Scotland

Are you the parent of a dyslexic child? You might be interested in this course offered by CALL Scotland: How Technology Can Help Your Dyslexic Child.

It has a particular focus on helping parents use built-in features and apps for Windows PCs and iPads to support reading and writing.

The online course takes place on Thurs 4th June, 10.00 – 11.30. Sign up using the link below.