Moving from one class to another can be a difficult transition for some children. There can be a lot of anxiety about the ‘unknown’ – the new teacher, new room, new routines – and there may be a sense of loss in leaving behind a positive, safe relationship.

At Sciennes we recognise that children need reassurance and support during this time. When we can support children with the transition, the whole family will benefit.

This support can be demonstrated in a number of ways: for example, talking about feelings and worries; using social stories; rehearsing or visiting in advance; creating a personal passport to share with the teacher; maintaining links with the previous teacher.

On this page, you will find a variety of resources that may help you talk to your child about moving class or moving school.

Often resources need to be customised for the particular circumstances and child. When teachers have all the details, they can begin transition preparation with pupils too.

We will be adding to these resources over time.

As a parent you know your child’s needs very well. You can also create and customise your own resources.